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Tera-byte understands your website is your business and therefore its availability is our greatest concern you can reach is for live support in any of the following methods:

support@tera-byte.com is available for your use at any time.
This is the best method of support for all matters, from "my server doesn't seem to be responding" to "my email seems slow".

Live IRC Support
Use this Support method for easier to answer questions that do not require specific login info or detailed customer info.

Telephone Support:
Local: (780) 413-1868
Toll Free: 1-877-TERABYT (1-877-837-2298)
This is not the best support method for security and verification reasons but it is available for your use 24/7 365 days a year.

Online Help
Frequently Asked Questions
Shared Hosting Guide
Check Bandwidth Usage
Update Billing Information

Paid Support
If you require us to do something for you beyond our standard support like fix your scripts/server, please fill out the following form
Support Request