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Co-located Servers
Host your server in our data center! All servers are given their own fully burstable dedicated switch port and include 24/7 monitoring, free reboots, backup power, and hosting in a temperature controlled secure environment with 24 hour armed response security.
Transfer Cost
10 Mbps port with 100 GB of monthly transfer $49US/month
10 Mbps port with 1000 GB of monthly transfer $149US/month
Unmetered 10 Mbps port (3000+ GB of monthly transfer) $299US/month
Prices include power, air conditioning, and rack space for 4U and smaller servers. 100 Mbps ports and higher bandwidth options are available. Please e-mail sales@tera-byte.com for a quote.


  • $1/GB over the monthly transfer limit
  • $100/month per extra U over 4U
  • $100/month per extra device (firewalls, routers, switches, USB drives, etc.)
  • $100/month per extra power connection (one power connection per device is included)
  • Each server includes one IP address. Click here to order additional IP addresses.
  • 5% GST will be added to the total for Canadian residents.
  • Reasonable power usage is included. A colo closet is required if power usage is above average.

  • Click here to order.

    If you need to colocate multiple servers, check out our colo closets and rooms!
    Important Notice - Shipping and Handling
    All shipping and handling is the client's responsibility.
    All Clients Outside Of Canada
    • When you ship from outside of Canada, you must let the shipping company know that you're *not* exporting the server.
    • Make sure the shipping company knows that your server will be returning to your company's origin.
    • Brokerage fees and import taxes accrued are the responsibility of the client.
    • All clients exporting servers to Tera-byte MUST accurately fill out this form.
      The form is provided as a Microsoft Word document.
      To save the file onto your computer, you may have to right-click the link and select "Save Target As..."
      Pay special attention to the fields pertaining to the server value, country of origin and the date shipped.
      Failure to accurately complete this form and include it attached to your shipment may result in the inability for Tera-byte to successfully import your server.
    If you need to perform hands-on maintenance or upgrades to your server, access is available 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) at our office in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Proper identification is required, and your server will be removed from the server room and placed on a workbench where you will be able to access it physically. If you require access outside of these hours, please consider our colo closets and rooms which include 24/7 access. Our technicians can also perform hands-on work for you for $75/hour.